For a programmer, looking for information is important. Not only searching for information on the codes, such as during debugging, but the search for information in general.

Suppose you must write a program that talks to a server with a socket, but you do not know how sockets in your programming language of choice. This is something very typical, and even if you have been a programming language for a long time, it is possible that you forget things. I have trouble forgetting the order of the parameters for some rarely used PHP functions, for example. Not to mention various libraries that you may encounter.

Finding information on the Internet should be simple, is not it? We have Google and the use of Google is as simple as entering a search term … right?

Googling is hard
It is simple, someone using Google. Teaching someone to use Google is not effective.
Of course, this applies to most search engines, but I’m just on the word Google, because it’s shorter than “search engines”

I depended on some programming in the context of IRC channels, and often someone comes and asks for help. Now that all the people who use IRC (or forums, and others) will probably know that you do not always respond very quickly. You may have received no response.

So, not as a matter of other people, you must first install a machine. Namely, a search engine (or a particular site, but we will get to that in a bit).

However, people often ask for help that they have tried to google. Why is it that I have an answer to their problem with Google 9 out of 10 times if I do not know me an answer?

The search key phrase matters
Finding information on Google is not easy for many people. This is because you can not find information from there by just typing in random things, and also with the next random stuff is not easy. Many people simply do not know what a search phrase they should use.

It is easy to tell someone in the way, what they look like “Funny Pictures”. If what you are looking for is becoming increasingly complex, it can be difficult to turn it into words.

As a general rule, you can try to think how you would explain your problem to one person: My script does not work, and I do not know how to use PHP scripts.

Then you have the basic idea: I need help in debugging of PHP scripts.

That could already be used as a search phrase with moderate success.

You can improve the search by looking for keywords: “Help”, “debugging” and “PHP”

This works quite well

Learning to speak search engine
Now, there are some things that only with experience. Which form of the word to use, for example. In the above, you can only have “debug” instead of “debugging”. Which is better and why?

You can, like people will be on one thing. For example, I have a job as a PHP debugger. Well, you could also write: “How to debug PHP” or “PHP Debugging Tips” and so on.

There are also other things like that as well, and while it sounds simple when you say it can not be that just always good keywords. It takes time to learn what kind of search is effective. Find out at the end of this body for an excellent resource for learning from Google (and others) looking for tricks

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