New Visa Card features built-computer and password

The new card has been developed by EMUE with 10-digit keypad and a small screen such as a battery is included. The company says the battery is 3 years.
visa card
This is how it works: the card holder is given a PIN must be kept confidential. Initiating transactions with a card once to create a private key-off, 3-digit number, enter the PIN on your card is used. This number is usually on the back of the card, which replaces the CVV code. This new one can not be reused time CVV code is created.

Important for the new card card fraud, where the card is not available, as an order over the phone should be lower.
This program is still for some MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks what one tracking communications, transactions on the web is probably the card is to steal information and code. Moreover, physical issues; cards available as stupid card probably only my wallet in my back pocket and will be under great stress-resistant types can not be … well, you understand. Or so. About a year ago this technology was specifically written for the paper and an analysis of their physical endurance in front of you are doing too much work, he said.

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