Executive Director Carol Bartsev Yahoo reported that the company has resumed talks with Microsoft about a possible merger of search engines.
According to her, after the merger the company could become more competitive in the market of Internet search, 64% of which for the moment, according to marketing firm comScore, took Google.

The interest in Yahoo again, and has Microsoft, which has repeatedly said CEO Steve Balmer.

However, according to Bartsev that the transaction took place, Microsoft should be interested in. Yahoo.

“If we are offered a huge sum of money, as well as the necessary technology, we agree on a deal,” – she said.

Lost Chance
Negotiations between Microsoft and Yahoo began in early 2008, when the company Bill Gates has done two offers to buy Yahoo.
Initially, Microsoft estimated the search engine in the U.S. $ 44.6 billion (U.S. $ 31 per share), after the offer was increased to U.S. $ 47.5 billion (U.S. $ 33 per share).
However, both proposals were rejected because, according to Yahoo founder Jerry Yang, Microsoft had underestimated the company.

At the moment, the market value of Yahoo fell more than 2-fold – 21 billion dollars (15.15 U.S. $ per share).
The decision caused outrage Yang from shareholders who were unwilling to abandon profitable offers Microsoft.
The owner of a minority stake Karl ICANN, even launched a real war against the Yang, demanding his resignation.
Founder of Yahoo was able to keep his job, but the demands have forced the shareholders to negotiate with Yang over Microsoft, but this time Balmer has said that his company was no longer interested in Yahoo.

Leave, you can not stay
Because of the failure, according to the shareholders, the management company, in November 2008, Young left his post.
Despite the fact that according to the portal Alexa, Yahoo.com is still the most visited website in the world, revenue of the company fell in the last two and a half years.
Over the last quarter of the search engine was able to earn only U.S. $ 118 million
In place of Young, was invited Carol Bartsev, which for 14 years led the company Autodesk, which manufactures software.
During her leadership Autodesk income rose from U.S. $ 300 million to U.S. $ 1.5 billion, while the capitalization of the company increased by 10 times.
In addition to his new job, Bartsev a member of the Boards of Directors of Cisco and Intel.

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