Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks are the new security features
About Lenovo ThinkPad notebook computers against unauthorized data access is a security feature to retrieve. ThinkPad notebooks as new technologies chosen in the first quarter of 2009 are scheduled to be launched on the market.

This Lenovo Hard secure remote disabling feature, a user’s computer via mobile phone to disable the text message and send a simple reason for this book has any information from unauthorized access, allows users to avoid. Lenovo, Phoenix Technologies, the leader in embedded technology, this plant can be used with selected ThinkPad notebook to mobile broadband worked. Remote Disable enable users with a simple text message command, and create your own Pocket PC using the command to send via SMS. Then, after the PC is turned off by remote, it automatically records over the network will be disabled the next.

Disable Remote Users successfully carried out has confirmed that the check will receive a text message. Re-user in a pre-set their password during startup created by noteook enable laptop. Lenovo disable Remote and price to book, so you will not be an additional charge will be included.

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