Every blogger knows that subscribers are the most important in blogging. How else can you estimate the quality of your blog if not by subscribers? Only the number of subscribers! I will tell you how to increase “subscription” to blog and get detailed statistics through integration with Feedburner.

Feedburner feed is used instead of the standard feed of your blog, using Feedburner, offers some nice advantages. The first statistics on the number of subscribers and daily increase in subscribers. The picture at the beginning of the post, it’s not the underground map of the Somewhereville, it’s Feedburner’s statistics, the green line – the total number of subscribers, the blue line – the growth in subscribers for the day. For this blog’s statistics are much more helpful than the statistics of attendance of the site, Feedburner shows exactly the number of your constant readers (as well as the dynamics of growth), rather than just coming to the site users, possibly in the first and last time. Feedburner provides a lot of nice features, and statistics for clicks for each post from the RSS, the opportunity to build AdSense directly into the RSS feed, nice counters with the number of subscribers.

Wordpress allows you to replace the standard feed of your blog feed to Feedburner, this will help us plug FD Feedburner, install the plugin. Under Plugins – Feedburner Configuration, specify a link to your feed at Feedburner. Now all future subscribers will subscribe to your blog via Feedburner.

Optimizing your blog for attracting subscribers

Effective way of increasing the number of RSS subscribers is a plug-Subscribe-Remind, it makes it possible to put a proposal to subscribe to the RSS under each post. According to some bloggers, from the copybook step growth of subscriptions increased by several times.

WP Greet Box
Plugin Wp Greet Box, a more “advanced” version of the plug-Subscribe-Remind, allows to insert text before the text of the post, except for RSS subscription allows you to subscribe using Twitter, Google, Yahoo! etc.

Subscribe to E-mail
Let’s go back to our Feedburner, Feedburner allows you to subscribe to update your blog for E-mail, more on the Feedburner site, you can get the code to insert a subscription form to your blog.
Also, it is possible to make the subscribe button on the e-mail.

That’s all and do not forget the most important for the growth of the number of subscribers is an interesting blog, good luck!

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