New ‘mykey’ Technology in a Ford car
Automobile manufacturer Ford, and new technology, a standard pressure mykey 2010 Focus Coupe and will be announced the end of the name of its model range will be integrated into the rest.

Mykey can do three main things: that the parents of the top speed limit of 130 kph, and provides a tool / or stereo audio up to 44%, and at the same time continue to question is not if you are using seatbelts. This is to help mykey system to keep teens safe. Ford did a little research and if mykey system for children of parental permission, leading to more car use approximately 67% of young people did not like this idea, although this figure has dropped 36%.

This mykey system and in particular Ford SecuriLock passive fight-the shelf technology, the theft system, indoor uses, and ignition switches, and thus to activate the driving mode, which defines. Other things that your system permanently mykey traction control system is established to provide a car and 70 kph, to reach 90 or 110 chimes. This technology is a very useful option for parents to see the Focus Coupe mykey can increase sales.

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