Bluetooth 3.0 + HR now to 7-times faster
Over the past 11 years, Bluetooth technology has a very important role in the transmission of data, as we have between our electronic devices, and now the Bluetooth technology is at an even faster version.
The new Bluetooth 3.0 + HS had transmission rates of 24 Mbits / sec This is the task of the current 3Mbps for version 2.0 + EDR, which means that the new version is about 7 times faster than the current version.
This is probably a whole range of new applications for the handy device. As can be adopted, and mobile computer manufacturers already interested, but that’s not all: The device is also the attention of TV producers.

Bluetooth 3.0 + GS not only offer a higher transmission rate, but it is also an efficient energy system, the performance of mobile devices, the device is installed. This could be an evolution of species. Set your mobile device, whether a laptop or a mobile phone to transfer data files like photos and music to 7-times faster, but with less power. That is efficiency.

It is estimated that the Bluetooth 3.0 + HR should be within about a year, we must track the device on the market during or shortly after 1 Quarter 2010.

It seems that Bluetooth technology is one of the technologies that are likely here to stay, given the global deployment.

Bluetooth is used in electronic and mobile devices like cell phones and laptops, and gives the user the ability to wireless transfer of large files such as music or media between two compatible devices without the need for the connection of devices with a cable or wire connection.

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