As we can see, the player is made of aluminum, the rear clip is a mirror under it – on the player, serial number and other information. All the management at the player is located at its upper limit and reduced to a selector, which has three positions (off, playback, and random – shuffle-play). There is a LED status indicator, and next to it – jack for headphones. Please note that the thinner the player has already done just nowhere – headphone jack does not allow.
A second-generation iPod shuffle in the delivery was a long cable from one side of which was USB-connector on the other hand – a small dock. Now the proof of Apple has decided to discontinue, as cable has done very little – just a few centimeters. Keep this in mind, you may be more convenient to buy a USB-extension.
USB-connector passes good size player

Now move on to management. On the headphones is a block of three keys – an in-depth central keys to perform different functions and buttons on top and bottom of it – this volume.
Short pressing the central button makes playback pause, or restarts it. Double-click allows you to make a short jump to the next track, triple – to the previous. With a long press is much more interesting. As you probably remember, before iPod shuffle did not pay attention to the existence of playlists – it has to play all the songs, but you can only move to the next and previous song, gradually finding the correct track.

VoiceOver (voice choices playlists)
Now you can move between playlists. But how – in fact there is no screen? Apple made a player talking. That is, of course, you tell him the name of the playlist, it will not understand, but he could list all the available playlists, and you select the desired one. This functions is called VoiceOver, and it operates as follows: First, you activate the feature in iTunes VoiceOver (under the player) and choose the language. Of course, the audio with the name of the songs and playlists generated by the absence of the player and iTunes, which, in turn, synchronizes the data with the player. So after the function is activated VoiceOver and synchronization, you can take advantage of new opportunity.

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