Apple iPhone 3.0 Software Launch: 17th June

According to sources, the new Apple iPhone software is to live, for consumers to download between 5 and 7.30 clock clock (GMT) tonight, that is, 17 June. Super Sleuths have come, the time of introduction on the basis of the reports they receive in relation to the Apple offices in India and Singapore, for the start times. These times were then comverted to time differences for the United Kingdom

apple iphone

The latest free update will be a much-awaited mega updates that Apple has the time to time should be around 100 new features for all iPhones, including the oldest to the youngest 3GS, on Friday. iPod Touch owners, however, will pay a small fee of £ 10 for installation of the software upgrade. Among the various functions, most of them would be saught after the cut, copy & paste editing, the ability to create voice memos recorded, the iPhone and the device-wide search option, allowing users to search through all their songs, photos, videos, emails and even applications, with the search.

apple iphone

The iPhone is also the landscape keyboard almost all applications and programs that the user to blow into alphabets. Also, the MMS [Multimedia Messaging Service] and is activated on the iPhone. The update allows the user to directly download updates, media such as movies, TV shows directly on your iPhone or iPod touch device if you have access to a wireless hotspot. Earlier, consumers could only download songs and podcasts to their iPhone or iPod Touch devices. This is a great leap in wireless Internet use for the phone.

The latest version of the iPhone, the iPhone 3GS, all of these features pre-insatlled when it comes up for sale on this Friday. The 3GS claims to be faster than all his predecessors, will also sport a brand new 3-megapixel camera, which allows you to record video, a digital compass, which will help in the navigation on maps more light and voice control which users can use a friend or play a song without touching the phone. One of the most interesting feature was the new Mobile Me integration of the new iPhone. Mobile Me users can lose their iPhone or even remotely wipe your phone if it is stolen. A very impressive addon.

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