HTML5 Canvas Nebula

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Take a look at a pure CSS 3D effect.
Scroll right the frame. Nice job.

Facebook has started working on its first datacenter. It will be located in Prineville, Oregon. Facebook will be the first startup (technically it is still in startup mode) with its own such a huge datacenter (1.37 hectare).



Let me introduce you Paul Chembers. As thousands of passengers, he got sad of flight delay. He actually was not just sad.. he was very sad and decided to make a twit. Twit with a promise to blow down the airport. The flight now is delayed for unknown time. Paul is in prison. Take care.


Some journalists (and one of my friends in U.S.) have received invitations to apple show that will be held on Wednesday (next week) in San-Francisco.
Ok, lets wait a week more and finally see their next generation gadget :)



statsIt started with a small RIT research in the middle of 2009. That time we needed information on average Internet web-page load speed (one downloading stream only). Since that time we crawled thousands and thousands of sites and collected some interesting data. Now we are going to make NVH Reports partially public (sample report) and update it several times a year to see its dynamics.

It is faster than ever before.
Internet browsing is now faster than ever before, thanks to performance improvements, as long as it takes you to do a task. For example? An intuitive address bar. 7DHC823S7MAH

It’s easier than ever.
You must not open a new window to find information such as directions, now you can use this data easily with one of our accelerators.

It is safer than ever before.
Whatever you do, you stay with the safer Smart Screen Filter. You’re now better protected from malicious software that your privacy and identity.

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Bluetooth 3.0 + HR now to 7-times faster
Over the past 11 years, Bluetooth technology has a very important role in the transmission of data, as we have between our electronic devices, and now the Bluetooth technology is at an even faster version.
The new Bluetooth 3.0 + HS had transmission rates of 24 Mbits / sec This is the task of the current 3Mbps for version 2.0 + EDR, which means that the new version is about 7 times faster than the current version.
This is probably a whole range of new applications for the handy device. As can be adopted, and mobile computer manufacturers already interested, but that’s not all: The device is also the attention of TV producers.

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For a programmer, looking for information is important. Not only searching for information on the codes, such as during debugging, but the search for information in general.

Suppose you must write a program that talks to a server with a socket, but you do not know how sockets in your programming language of choice. This is something very typical, and even if you have been a programming language for a long time, it is possible that you forget things. I have trouble forgetting the order of the parameters for some rarely used PHP functions, for example. Not to mention various libraries that you may encounter.

Finding information on the Internet should be simple, is not it? We have Google and the use of Google is as simple as entering a search term … right?

Googling is hard
It is simple, someone using Google. Teaching someone to use Google is not effective.
Of course, this applies to most search engines, but I’m just on the word Google, because it’s shorter than “search engines”

I depended on some programming in the context of IRC channels, and often someone comes and asks for help. Now that all the people who use IRC (or forums, and others) will probably know that you do not always respond very quickly. You may have received no response.

So, not as a matter of other people, you must first install a machine. Namely, a search engine (or a particular site, but we will get to that in a bit).

However, people often ask for help that they have tried to google. Why is it that I have an answer to their problem with Google 9 out of 10 times if I do not know me an answer?

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The idea and the implementation
The idea was to Microsoft Excel COM interop with ASP.NET – I had seen examples of the use of tables to generate interop, but it seemed no one had actually done anything.

Since I had not really done any ASP.NET orders from the ground up, and it was mostly cobbled together only to see if it could be done so that the software development methods such as “Copy and Paste.

It was initially a problem with Excel, such as the Windows version I use is in Finnish, and my Office 2007 is the English version. Every time I tried something in the table as a value from a cell, it would throw an exception. Fortunately, some Googling gave me the answer to the currently executing thread to the locale en-US, the fixed and let me continue.

Finally, I found ways to do everything I needed: first steps and the specific cells’ values and formulas. Then it was for the creation of the JavaScript-based interface for IT, which is essentially a very very simple inline table edit the changes on the server with Ajax.

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In the last few years has helped Rails Ruby’s popularity explode. One of the biggest reasons for this is the time that the rails can be. By working within a framework defined a lot of decisions will be simplified, and it is more easily organized. Throw in some great tools like ORM, Unit Testing, Mocking, and more and you have a driving force of the developers of the efficiency and quality.
It has always been and probably always will be about the feud, what is the best platform, but what I want to show is that these arguments are mostly irrelevant. Regardless of what you develop for the platform, there are most of the same tools available in one form or another. The common components, for me at least, that help me, high-quality code faster and is easier to manage a good IDE, easy to use unit testing and mocking framework, an ORM, an MVC framework and a good JavaScript library.
I am one. Net developer by trade and a PHP developer sometimes by choice. I like both environments for various reasons. I will talk about these components in a little closer and explain why I think they are important, and then at the end of the story, I get a list of each of these components for different languages (. Net, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby) . I decided, just a list of free or open source tools because they are easy for someone to try, and we all like a few bucks.

The Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
For me, this is the most essential. Sure, you can create in the editor and the command, but it will probably take longer and there will be more discipline to stay organized. With a good IDE simply project management (all the files together with “Tabbed Browsing”), syntax highlighting, compiling (if applicable), and auto complete.
IDE is continually more and more demanding and plugins for many other functions such as git-svn and management in the IDE.
For me, my favorite IDE Visual Studio. There are some other great programs, such as NetBeans and Eclipse, but for some reason, I am partial to Visual Studio.

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Does Google care for SEO? Yes, it works from the Google SEO Starter Guide to Google Webmaster Help forum, the search engine is fairly transparent when it comes to how they prefer you to optimize your site for inclusion. We will discuss, URL structure, and TrustRank duplicate content issues.
To start with a conclusion: If you do what they want, chances are your site will not only, but also a better place. And now let’s go “in depth”, and behold, once and for all, as Google prefers you to optimize your website for search engine.
All questions in this article are by users on Google Moderator Beta, Ask a Google engineer.

Is Google really About SEO?
The answer is yes, and it comes from Google’s Search Evangelist Adam Lasnik:

“Just like in any industry, there are outstanding SEOs and bad apples. We Googlers are delighted when people make their sites more accessible to users and Googlebot, whether they do the work themselves or hire ethical and effective professionals to help them out.”

Please note that the “Googlers happy” when pages are optimized for the search. The moral: Your SEO!

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In multi-lingual web pages are more and more important, I would like to show two ways how to static text snippets from your application with Zend Framework. Zend Framework provides us with several packages as Zend_Translate Zend_Locale and developers to make life easier – but how these components work together?

Creating a Zend Framework application
First, we need a Zend Framework application. You can use either your own existing or create a new one directly with Zend Studio for Eclipse:
If you do not know what a Zend Framework application you can take a look at the Zend Framework QuickStart.

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Executive Director Carol Bartsev Yahoo reported that the company has resumed talks with Microsoft about a possible merger of search engines.
According to her, after the merger the company could become more competitive in the market of Internet search, 64% of which for the moment, according to marketing firm comScore, took Google.

The interest in Yahoo again, and has Microsoft, which has repeatedly said CEO Steve Balmer.

However, according to Bartsev that the transaction took place, Microsoft should be interested in. Yahoo.

“If we are offered a huge sum of money, as well as the necessary technology, we agree on a deal,” – she said.

Lost Chance
Negotiations between Microsoft and Yahoo began in early 2008, when the company Bill Gates has done two offers to buy Yahoo.
Initially, Microsoft estimated the search engine in the U.S. $ 44.6 billion (U.S. $ 31 per share), after the offer was increased to U.S. $ 47.5 billion (U.S. $ 33 per share).
However, both proposals were rejected because, according to Yahoo founder Jerry Yang, Microsoft had underestimated the company.

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Building the projector is made of plastic with a brilliant (but not mirror smooth), white coating. The coating is relatively durable, but because of the chaotic arrangement of tiny sequins fingerprints, small scratches, dust and other pollution and damage to the shell is not very visible. Material narrow decorative strips on the front panel – this is also plastic, but with a dark silvery-gray coat. At the top of the lens are located closer to the wheels shift lens, closest to the center – the lamp compartment cover, and closer to the back of – the two buttons (power and source selection), two indicators of the state and the infrared receiver window, a little exciting back cover for a better review.

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Acer Aspire 8930G – expensive laptop with 16:9 matrix
Category «huge household notebook» a rapidly growing and evolving. And not just this: they have a significant sustained demand.

A large building has its own technological advantages. First, a lot of room inside, can be competently and without stampede to deploy the components to make a great and effective ventilation and cooling. In a large building, you can insert a big keyboard with separate numeric stack, which is more convenient to work with. Finally, in the shell, you can put a big bright screen and place the large columns of good acoustics, which will significantly improve the multimedia functionality.

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As we can see, the player is made of aluminum, the rear clip is a mirror under it – on the player, serial number and other information. All the management at the player is located at its upper limit and reduced to a selector, which has three positions (off, playback, and random – shuffle-play). There is a LED status indicator, and next to it – jack for headphones. Please note that the thinner the player has already done just nowhere – headphone jack does not allow.

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Land Rover and Sonim Technologies have created almost immortal cell phone – Land Rover S1
When mentioning Land Rover, something bulky and powerful immediately comes to mind. From different points of view this applies to the development of a new Land Rover and Sonim Technologies – cell phone Land Rover S1. The thing is that S1 can endure anything: from the pressure of 400 kg to dive to a depth of 1 meter for half an hour!

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Every blogger knows that subscribers are the most important in blogging. How else can you estimate the quality of your blog if not by subscribers? Only the number of subscribers! I will tell you how to increase “subscription” to blog and get detailed statistics through integration with Feedburner.

Feedburner feed is used instead of the standard feed of your blog, using Feedburner, offers some nice advantages. The first statistics on the number of subscribers and daily increase in subscribers. The picture at the beginning of the post, it’s not the underground map of the Somewhereville, it’s Feedburner’s statistics, the green line – the total number of subscribers, the blue line – the growth in subscribers for the day. For this blog’s statistics are much more helpful than the statistics of attendance of the site, Feedburner shows exactly the number of your constant readers (as well as the dynamics of growth), rather than just coming to the site users, possibly in the first and last time. Feedburner provides a lot of nice features, and statistics for clicks for each post from the RSS, the opportunity to build AdSense directly into the RSS feed, nice counters with the number of subscribers.

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Facebook announced about launching vanity URLs on June 13th.
On Friday evening, that is, 13 June 2009 will witness a huge load on the Facebook servers, with people from around the world to try to the best Facebook URL, they can either sell or for themselves. The social networking website had promised that they will start as soon Vanity URLs around a month back, and they lived up to its promise.


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No-no, here it is not about productivity, but about the simple ordinary hours =)

Once he saw in PHP something like
$ date = mysql_result (mysql_query ( “SELECT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP”), 0, 0);

It seems to shitcode case …

Laughed and forgot. Then swapped windows surfing with ubuntu and here is something interesting happened yesterday =) MySQL and PHP in XAMPP (LAMPP) returned to a different current time!

print (date ( ‘Y-m-d H: i: s’));
/ / 2009-06-20 8:00:00

print ( “\ n”, mysql_result (mysql_query ( “SELECT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP”), 0, 0));
/ / 2009-06-20 15:00:00

because when windows surfing this problem does not occur, I looked up the net and learned that Linux and Windows differently interpret the system time. Windows makes the system time according to local (and doing it consistently every time you boot and synchronization), a Linux system finds UTC and local time is counted from the time zone assigned.

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Microsoft has a few months to finalize the development of free antivirus software, code-named «Morro».
It was expected that the new antivirus service will replace the Windows Live OneCare. June 30, Microsoft plans to discontinue the sale of licenses for it. Let me remind you that the Windows Live OneCare includes: antivirus to automatically update the databases, the detection of spyware, firewall, backup tools and utilities for fine-tuning the operating systems Windows.

A little bit about the development of «Morro»
The first speech that the anti-virus / anti-spyware software should be free to start Microsoft in November 2008. It was then that corporation and decided to develop its own product in order to meet the growing demand for security solutions.

The new Microsoft software is named in honor of settlement Morro de Sao Paulo in Brazil:
Planned to Morro will be available free of charge in the second half of 2009. The developers claimed that the product will be optimized to work with networks of low bandwidth and mobile computers based on Windows. In order not to spread to an existing service Windows Live OneCare, the company announced the termination of subscription to a 30 June 2009.
It was noted also that the new solution and it is able to cope with corporate objectives. However, Morro not include additional funding (as in OneCare) – backup and fine tune the system, not related to security.
In order not to impose anti-virus users, it will be distributed as a separate package, which is optional download from Microsoft. Support was expressed for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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Lately you may have heard some talk Netbook, and you can even see when you visit a couple of your favorite computer store. But what is a Netbook?
Netbook emerged in 2007 with the launch of the ASUS Eee PC, and seems to be gaining popularity day by day. The device has a 7-inch display, keyboard, slightly smaller than a normal notebook (about 15% smaller) and weighs about 2 pounds.

The 8.9 x 6.5 in. (23 x 17 cm) Netbook boasted its own version of Linux as well as a simplified user interface. Soon after, other PC manufacturers also began with Netbook, Windows XP, and models were added.

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Digital phone services provider Vonage for a new invention known as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Patent Office has been adopted by the “Method and Apparatus for Enhanced Internet Telephony”
New patented technology reduces the amount of dropped calls, incomplete calls, or other communication you’re working that users might encounter problems.

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Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks are the new security features
About Lenovo ThinkPad notebook computers against unauthorized data access is a security feature to retrieve. ThinkPad notebooks as new technologies chosen in the first quarter of 2009 are scheduled to be launched on the market.

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Microsoft, the next few months (apparently) without leaving Windows 7, and plans for this new version, which will replace the previous operating system Windows Vista.
Developers will be easy to use and more functional, less of what you do and what is not necessary in Windows 7 promise.

Microsoft, these partners during an upgrade option for existing customers to purchase the ability to offer Windows Vista-based computer to do, and then only announced when ready to install Windows 7.

22 October 2009 release date for Windows 7 as has been approved. In addition, Windows Server 2008 R2 will be available around the same time.

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Removable Flash Memory Card SanDisk SDHC Netbook
On 2 June 2009, the new SanDisk Netbooks removable SDHC flash memory card Netbook announced. Just insert a memory card slot while netbook card, users can instantly and increase the storage capacity.
This hard disk drives as netbooks (HDDs) used as a backup, keep track of new generation SanDisk SSD products.
Cards 8 or 16 gigabytes Netbook users ability to enhance their capacity to give. This is important, most solid-state drive (SSD) netbook models, the power is still very limited in storage capacity since storage capacity will increase, and a feature that is so attractive to make cards, once they are inside they are inserted, the Netbook is less chance of damage or Netbook transportation means.

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Mechatronics and mechanical, electronic and electronic computer control, including the design, the basic product which is to combine the technical wonders why it can cause yesterday is compared to the left. ‘Nicole’ will create an animation, voice-like playing a virtual PA to react to the sedative music, lights up, given time, the news headlines by saying the active data file and computer search.

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Dynamic See-Through Display Technology sheds light to see the Sign Industry
University of Cincinnati College of Engineering researchers, active and electronic signage Heikenfeld Jason began a quiet revolution.
And existing light sources, using silk-screen printing ink, Heikenfeld recording industry for the 21st neon lights century’s version – can not do what liquid crystal display (LCD) and brings an appropriate product. Transition to Digital Graphic new ads available screen display system provides the manufacturer.
The College of Engineering’s patented technology, “Light Wave Connection,” is developed at UC faculty members of electrical engineering and Andreas Heikenfeld Steckle. Licensed to a California-based company Transitions Digital Graphics (TDG), the moment of the transition effect “under the name has a trademark. ™” The Effect Transitions ™ Display System is patented edge invisible ink technology that uses multiple layers glow bright full color image to obtain.
“Product of the traditional picture light box displays and active, such as the LCD or plasma display,” will compete Erick couch, TDG technology director said. “A static image of the same ad space for three pictures instead of a single image system is the transition cost to close.”
“The only way at this time, period, this is really an eye-catching way to start actively targeting signage,” said UC’s Heikenfeld. “Andrew Steckle and the thing almost on a window pane made as transparent and on this full-color pictures to put in the study began. These two meaning: with the high aesthetic type of ad var. Thus, for example, a Starbucks sign hanging in a window is not – that in fact a a Starbucks sign morphs into the window’s. And in fact in part because people can see the other side. This is a great thing the transparency window of modern architecture – that’s very important.

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New Visa Card features built-computer and password

The new card has been developed by EMUE with 10-digit keypad and a small screen such as a battery is included. The company says the battery is 3 years.
visa card
This is how it works: the card holder is given a PIN must be kept confidential. Initiating transactions with a card once to create a private key-off, 3-digit number, enter the PIN on your card is used. This number is usually on the back of the card, which replaces the CVV code. This new one can not be reused time CVV code is created.

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Future car technologies

How interesting for the car industry in recent years, such as industrial automation for avaition and is beginning to grow. A technological innovation and in fact many automobile manufacturers have not yet forefrunt opinion about and for the aviation industry was pehaps may affetti.

But now many car manufacturers as fleet security features and innovative designs to be included – but these luxury flagship model, most are still only beginning to look like and the tide turning. But one can not help but wonder: where will the car manufacturing technology results why? We automatically in the future, our target for a car or to go where these tools are still only a tool – an interactive tool – I want to be in the hands of the people by ensuring it will be possible to get us moving edilmiştir.

Well, looks like there is no preset stone possibilites. This time he and people moving in rare cases, from A to B. Our Traffic – type used as a tool for freedom and pleasure as you want to retain control in a sense, go with the conflicting ideologies of the capabilities will move. Some people just for taking a drive and would prefer for the desired destination.

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3-D Holographic Television a reality in 2018?

4 years of the European Commission (EC) funding for tasks natural rationales mass market, technology and 3-dimensional television systems and practices to bring the results of investigation, were released edilmiştir. The base of the project a stereoscopic 3-D determinations without television set that displays the 3 D glasses to show the close and could be only months away from Double-AA.
holographic tv

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New ‘mykey’ Technology in a Ford car
Automobile manufacturer Ford, and new technology, a standard pressure mykey 2010 Focus Coupe and will be announced the end of the name of its model range will be integrated into the rest.

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Useful Firefox Extensions to Supercharge Firebug

Firebug is a revolutionary Firefox extension helps that Web developers and designers test review and front-end code. It provides us with many useful features such as a console panel for logging information, a DOM inspector, detailed information about the page elements, and much more.

Although Firebug is already packed with features from the packaging, multiple extensions may have its usefulness.

In this article you will find the few best Firefox extensions for Firebug, which make your life as a developer or designer, to facilitate.

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YouTube is very popular for the streaming of the latest and never before seen video footage from music videos or just music, with some unfavorable background for the playing of music. Not many people have realized that YouTube is essentially a good place for free music. The people at the end of the download videos from YouTube, instead of just ripping the audio from the video, which they actually need. There are many sites there that ripping audio from YouTube videos, but usually at the end of more than half of the job and that is not of good quality.


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Apple iPhone 3.0 Software Launch: 17th June

According to sources, the new Apple iPhone software is to live, for consumers to download between 5 and 7.30 clock clock (GMT) tonight, that is, 17 June. Super Sleuths have come, the time of introduction on the basis of the reports they receive in relation to the Apple offices in India and Singapore, for the start times. These times were then comverted to time differences for the United Kingdom

apple iphone

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kgb archiver
How to comress a 1Gb file to 10Mb file?

Ever heard of an application that you compress insanely large files, usually in gigabytes, megabytes, into a mere? If not, you’ll love the new Bad Boy look like programmers also Tomasz Pawlak.

The application is a simple and easy-to-use software compression, like nothing you can ever imagine. This animal can Humongous decrease the size of files to a smaller and more compact size of files.

The application uses the AES-256 encryption encrypts the compressed files are archived and this type of encryption is the strongest encryption technology known to man.

The compression is great and all, the application needs equally powerful hardware, to the hardcore compression ratios. A minimum of 1.5-GHz processor with a decent 256 MB RAM is an absolute necessity, if you choose to use this software. The application has the following of awesome features:

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Ryan Junee, product manager for YouTube, the team reported recently on the official YouTube blog that apparently, YouTube has begun receiving 20 hours of raw video per minute! That almost a whole day of videos! The site, which is one of the Top 5 of the popular websites in the world, seems to have become much better, since it was purchased by Google.


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